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An American Reich – New Book Out Now – Massive CIA, COVID-19, and 2024 Election Conspiracies

America should be considered an active crime scene

Chicago, Illinois Jan 23, 2024 ( – An American Reich: Exposing The Nazi Cult In The CIA


An expose of a cult deep within the Central Intelligence Agency, with allegiance to the Fourth Reich, who have long used CIA assets and resources towards their own ends. With years of personal testimony, this book exposes secrets, names, and sheds light on actions that were made in the name of a criminal group that claims to represent the interests of the “True America”. The group has a long history stretching back to the very creation of the CIA in 1947 and plans for a future that would see the end of America. It has worked behind the scenes to destabilize the United States and other nations with the express intent of remaking the world in it’s image.

Covering decades of its history and recent criminal efforts, this book explains who the group is, where it came from, and many of the crimes they are culpable of, including the sponsorship of human trafficking, election interference, biological terrorism, and much worse. The group is one of the most dangerous threats to democracy and a free world, without exaggeration. Their cult of worship around the ideals of Nazis like Adolf Hitler has shaped an ideology deeply incompatible with life as we know it. Ending their reign of terror is a necessity, and this book is a roadmap to doing so.

My testimony involves significant knowledge of COVID-19 months prior to it’s intentional release as a bioweapon by a group with high level access to CIA assets and resources. This group, The Reich, is a criminal syndicate with high level ties to media personalities and high-ranking intelligence officers. They have been working to destabilize America in an effort to topple it and replace it with The Fourth Reich and have enacted plans to subvert elections and destabilize the nation. They have significant ties to the film and television industry and there are many people out there with knowledge of them who I believe can help stop them. The CIA should be considered a corrupt institution and be immediately audited for criminal activities including extrajudicial murders of activists, disappearances, trafficking, and much worse. This group thrives on that agency’s structure of secrecy and can only be stopped by being exposed.

America should be considered an active crime scene.

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